If you have problems with the installation of jHaushalt, please read the following instruction. If you have any questions about using the program, select the menu "Help" inside of jHaushalt. For additional help, please see the forum.


jHaushalt is written in Java and therefore executable on many operating systems. The following instruction is valid for all operating system. Microsoft Windows user may use alternative the executable installation file.

First, you have to download and install the JavaTM2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) to ensure that jHaushalt could be executed on your computer. You need at least Java 1.5.
Unpack the archive "" at any place on your local hard disk. You can start jHaushalt at the command prompt (shell), as follows:
java -jar jHaushalt.jar

Under windows, you can simply start jHaushalt with a double click on "jhaushalt.jar".
The ZIP archive also includes a file "demo.jhh". This file includes three fictitious accounts and some postings. You can use this file to get familiar with jHaushalt.


If you are updating from a former version of jHaushalt, you only need to replace the old file jhaushalt.jar with the new one. In any case, make a backup of your data before you are using the new version. For this purpose it is sufficient to copy your data file ("*.jhh") to a secure place (e.g. CD-ROM or USB-Stick).


In the forum you can ask about problems and issues dealing with jHaushalt. The discussion in the forum is mainly in German language, but there is also a (hopefully growing) English section.
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