jHaushalt is executable on many operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, etc), because jHaushalt is a Java-based application. The only requirement is an installed Java Virtual Machine (JVM). At least version 1.5 is required.


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Download Windows installer

Download jHaushalt Version 2.6 (jhaushalt-windows-installer-v26.exe, 821 KB) of 02/08/2011
Please use this version, if you want to install jHaushalt on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Windows Zip-File

Download jHaushalt Version 2.6 (jhaushalt-windows-v26.zip, 347 KB) of 02/08/2011
Please use this version, if you want to use jHaushalt on Windows XP/Vista/7. The Zip-file could be extracted at anyplace, e.g. your local hard disk or an USB-stick. An installation is not necessary.

Download for all operating systems

Download jHaushalt Version 2.6 (jhaushalt-v26.zip, 324 KB) of 02/08/2011
The archive "jhaushalt-v26.zip" includes a file "jHaushalt.jar" which includes all necessary Java classes.
You can start jHaushalt at the command prompt (shell), as follows:
java -jar jHaushalt.jar

Older versions of jHaushalt can be found here. You might use them also with older Java versions.

Download source code

Download jHaushalt source code Version 2.6 (jhaushalt-v26-sourcecode.zip, 278 KB) of 02/08/2011

You may use the source code under the terms of the GPL. If you make changes, please send me your modification per email (E-Mail). Maybe I will include your changes in the major version of jHaushalt.
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